Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Song Review: Damaged by Danity Kane

Can you fix my h-e-a-r-t?
Cause it's d-a-m-a-g-e-d?

Can you fix my h-e-a-r-t?

Tell me are you up for the challenge
Cause my heart is

Damaged, damaged

Damaged, damaged

I thought that I should let you know
That my heart is Damaged, damaged
So damaged (so damaged)
And you can blame the one before
So how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?

Apparently, this song is becoming somewhat of an anthem for many females. It's even been in Billboard's Top 20 for 13 weeks now.

Really, girls?

First of all- Guys, if a girl came up to you with this message, wouldn't you run as fast as possible in the other direction? Hello Baggage! Would I ask a guy to fix my sink? yes. My air conditioner? yes. My dinner? Hell yes. But my heart? Only if he's a cardiac surgeon.

Secondly, everybody's heart is at least a little bit damaged after a relationship. This is why you take some time to HEAL! It's never a good idea to enter into a relationship all bitter and wounded. How is that a good start? If a guy I started dating told me his heart was damaged and then asked me "How are you going to fix it, fix it, fix it?" FIX IT YOURSELF. I've fixed mine more than once. It's not my responsibility to nurse you back to emotional stability after your ex.

This song is so not sending a good message. Obviously, the singer thinks she is completely blameless in the break-up since she so clearly wants to blame everything on "the one before." And when she brings all those issues into the next relationship, expecting the new guy to pick up all the pieces and "fix" her, she's going to wonder why that relationship doesn't work out either.

Bottom line(s):
  • Clean up your own mess.
  • Don't rush to move on if you're not ready to start fresh.
  • Don't make someone else responsible for your happiness.

Now fix me a sandwich.