Friday, May 30, 2008

A detailed and accurate look at my Thursday

7:00 am- get in the shower

7:20- get out of the shower

7:21-8:42- watch tv, dry hair, put on make-up, get dressed, check email, watch more tv, pack lunch, let dogs out, leave 12 minutes late

8:42-9:20- drive, alternate between screaming, swearing, singing along to the radio, and slamming on brake pedal, repeat

9:21-10:00- check email, write To-Do list, meet with supervisor

10:01-11:54- obsess over script for my meeting with supervisor's supervisor, attempt memorization, panic

11:55-12:39- attend weight loss meeting where I seem to be the most-motivated member even though I have the least amount of weight to lose

12:40-12:42- eat a banana- those scales measure each 1/10 of a pound. BODY, YOU CAN EAT SOMETHING NOW

12:42-2:20- obsess, panic, obsesspanic, send email to super-supervisor

2:20-4:15- obsess, panic, rehearse script so it doesn't sound like script, distract myself with mega-important gossip blog, panic, panic

4:16-4:43- charm the bejeezus out of super-supervisor, sweat like a fat kid

4:44-4:55- rehash meeting with supervisor, obsess, overanalyze

4:56- start doing my actual work


7:05-8:56- write, write, erase, rewrite, check email, obsessively check clock, write

8:57- 8:58- proofread, save, submit and upload work to server, HOLY CRAP IT'S 9 PM! leave work

9:02-9:35- drive, sing along to my iPod, honk once

9:36-10:04- scarf down BBQ turkey and baked potato, rehash meeting details with parents, steal spotlight from guest of honor, leave restaurant

10:05- panic when the cop beside me pulls in behind me and puts his lights on, breathe when he pulls to the other side of me and speeds off

10:10-10:34- check email, put on pajamas, get in bed, take Ambien, simultaneously read book and watch tv- paying close attention to neither


11:02- put book down, turn out light, pay attention to tv

11:02-12:32- watch tv

12:33- turn off tv, lie in darkness, try to fall asleep

12:38- feel bizarre bump on my hip, get out of bed, investigate in the bathroom

12:40- Google bizarre bump

12:44- give up, go back to bed

12:58 (approx)- fall asleep

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Odd fact about Shannon #1

Shannon can remember how to get there, even if she's only been there once.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HRH Prince Max Power

If Max could speak, he would have a British accent. And win spelling bees.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have wholly inappropriate thoughts when I watch this video...

Sometimes, all I need are a few good spins in my office chair.

Also, a nap.