Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nope, still not old

Well I survived my 28th birthday. Not only did I survive, I had a blast and celebrated like a 22 year old. I showed the world that 28 does not mean grown up or mature. It does not mean I am responsible or always make good decisions. Yes, I proved that a 28 year old still knows how to have fun and does not always know when to say "when." In your face, world! (and in your sink, Publix!)

The weather behaved itself splendidly in the morning. We set off for our three-hour tour like movie stars, mimosas in hand, laughing about everything from our childhoods to Erica's last experience on our boat (AKA Ralphie's conception). The dolphins were in hiding, no doubt hungover from a crazy Friday night on the ICW. Aside from nearly driving straight into a channel marker, the cruise was terrific. Lunch took entirely too long and the food was less-than-stellar, but the bathroom decor kept us entertained. The weather started its temper tantrum during the cruise back to the marina, so we let it tire itself out while we watched Superbad down in the cabin. Yep, definitely not a movie for grown-ups. My dedicated sorority sisters outlasted the others and joined me up at the bar for drinks, dessert, and to take pictures of me dancing with some old guy to "Play that Funky Music."


At 28 years and 2 days old, I woke up to sunny skies and thoughts of brunch. I picked up my two most dedicated party guests from their hotel and we began our 4-hour champagne-a-thon promptly at 10:30 am. The waitress made sure our glasses remained topped off long after Kenny G packed up his jazz flute and the food had been put away. Because 19 glasses of champagne each weren't enough, we moved our exclusive little party to the hot tub where we drank mixed drinks and slow-cooked ourselves for another three hours. I said farewell to my dear friends and stumbled back to the boat to nap while my patient parents packed everything up and loaded the car. When we stopped at Publix to pick up sub sandwiches, I shared my brunch and bubbly with the bathroom sink. I think it was grateful because it loves champagne but is not yet 21.

At 28 years and 3 days old, I woke up and realized that I still do the same stupid things that I did at 22. On my way to share some of Sunday's brunch and bubbly with my bathroom sink, I smiled because I knew that I'm still not old.

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